Structural Designs

Structural designing is specialized work. Just any team cannot handle important projects requiring high, international standards of structural designing. It requires years of domain experience and knowledge about industry standards, including global trends. These are all valid reasons why Dezzinne is ideal as your trusted portal for this kind of work.

Our team places equal focus on large and small-scale projects. We often have dedicated teams working on each project. This ensures that your project progresses as per schedule. Additionally, you get regular updates from our end. You can discuss your project with our team any time you want. Our flexible approach leaves ample room to give you the best designs at affordable costs.

Features of our Structural Designs

Some of the important features of our work include:

  • Specialized work in the structural designing of high rises, both residential and commercial projects. We handle the designing and the analysis work for such projects. Our work includes RCC structures, composite structures and steel structures, among many.
  • Domain knowledge and experience in developing and designing industrial structures for machine foundations and load bearing. We have worked on chemical plants, power generating units, steel production industries, etc.
  • Work on rehabilitation and retrofitting of already existing structures. Our team will evaluate and analyze the crumbling structures, offering consultancy on strengthening them. You can contact us on evaluating heritage buildings, epoxy treatment and FRPC wrapping
  • Our team of structural engineers offer blueprints in 2D and 3D formats, using cutting edge technology like AutoCAD, STAAD, S FRAME, X-STEEL and others

Why Hire Dezzinne

Other than the features mentioned above, here are some more reasons why Dezzinne is your destination for structural design services:

  • Flexible approach of our engineers to suit the adaptability and feasibility of a project according to the budget and requirement
  • Transparent and regular communication channels to ensure regular updates about the project
  • Vastly experienced engineers, who are proficient in the latest tools and technology, will work on your project

Get in touch with us today for the structural designs you want!

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