Services In Iron and Steel Sector

Iron & Steel is the backbone of any economy. Privileged are the countries where the iron & steel manufacturing facilities are located . The Industry is exhibiting an ongoing trend of consolidation resulting in wider opportunities of expansion.

Salient Features of Our Services: Dezzinne can be recalled as a well-equipped and a progressive name for designing the iron & steel units at any level from all related aspects because of our …

• Long term International Exposure and Experience of working in the Sector

• Specialized work procedure in handle the designing and the analysis work for such projects

• Domain knowledge and experience in developing and designing in accordance with the industrial requirement while maintaining the ecological balance

Why Hire Dezzinne: Our comprehensive knowledge as well as our on the job experience can bring that consolidation and confidence in customers. We are associated with the Design Institute of China for developing their strength and facilitating transfer in the field of ferrous industry, a few to mention like …

• Mining equipment design

• Sinter equipment design

• Pellet design

• Rotary kiln

• Blast furnaces

• Torpedo Ladle

• LD Converter

• Electric Arc furnace

• Ladle refining furnace

• Ladle Tilter

• Continuous Casters

• Rolling Mill

• Reheating furnace

• Rotary Hearth furnace

Get Dezzinne’s expertise services on board to discover what you have been missing all along!